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June 8, 2010

The Arc of Massachusetts (activist and advocacy group – ARCMASS) are opposed to the Rotenberg Center. Executive director Leo V. Sarkissian spoke against Matt in a 2006 article.
Mistrust of center grows with title slips. (Tauton Gazette. Oct. 26, 2006)

ARCMASS’s page on ‘aversive therapy’ (all about the Rotenberg center).

A list of a few advocates who already know about the place. Some have been working to get it closed. ARCMASS, Mind Freedom, MDRI (already a UN group). Also The National Disability Rights Network in the U.S. and TASH (The Association for the Severely Handicapped), The Alliance to Prevent Restraint, Aversive Interventions and Seclusion; the Coalition for Transparency in Public Education (NY State Org.), which has a 2006 item page on aversives and the New York State Educational Department getting sued by Matt and Friends.

Facebook groups:
Mass Students United Against the Judge Rotenberg Center
DOWN with the Judge Rotenberg Center

Some reports, PDFs, etc:

The 2006 NYSED review:  Observations and Findings of Out-of-State Program Visitation Judge Rotenberg Educational Center. New York State Education Department, Board of Regents.

The MDRI argument that the JRC is committing a violation of human rights, good review of previous investigations (also contains a copy of the confidentiality agreement staff have to sign – pg. 45; ):  Torture Not Treatment, Laurie Ahern & Eric Rosenthal. (2010): Electric shock and long-term restraint in the United States on children and adults with disabilities at the Judge Rotenberg Center. Urgent Appeal to the Special Rapporteur on Torture. Washington, DC: Mental Disability Rights International.

New York Psychological Association Task Force. (22 Aug. 2006) Report of the New York Psychological Association Task Force on Aversive Controls with Children.  [public pdf available through ARCMASS]


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One Comment
  1. It’s good to know that these organizations are working against this place (JRC). It is a real ugly mark on our country that this place was allowed to stay open. I mean what kind of country is this that continues to allow such horrific treatment. It makes me feel a tiny bit better knowing that these organizations are fighting. But all the groups so far have not been enough to stop the torture at the Judge Rotenberg Center.

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